Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Passion of My Life: Completed

I have not kept my promise to put up something here every month. But I have several projects in progress, I just haven’t had time to post them. 

This post is neither a cartoon strip nor fiction. But I have decided to include my regular comic works here as well since both media are very similar. 

The work features a brief biography of yours truly, how I came to fall in love with what I do. I had to go home to my parents and raid their library for old greyscale kodak photos of my younger (and cuter) self. Posted is a step-by-step process of how I developed the three page work. A rough sketch of each page was done and used to develop the final pencil pages (The reference pictures were useful at this stage). Secondly, I used the light box to redraw the pencil pages in ink. Thirdly, I scanned the inks into my PC and painted them in Adobe Photoshop. Then I imported the painted pages into CorelDRAW and laid in the panel outlines and captions.

I hope to put up the final pages soon.

Ah! The picture below was taken in those days when I wake up in the morning, eat my breakfast and bounce all the way to school daydreaming about comic book characters. But now I'm a grown man, matured. I wake up in the morning, eat my breakfast and bounce all the way to work thinking about making comic books. Wait...