Friday, September 11, 2009


Thank God! I just finished the script for my first comic strip. It is titled Paranoia. I've had the gist of the story in my mind for over six years now. I can't wait to start on the character designs and references. It's been a while that I have done intensive comic work. My responsibility in The Comics Hut studio is mainly supervisory.

Paranoia is 22 strips long and I will be drawing 2 strips each on an A3 size paper. I plan to draw with HB pencil and render using black Rotring ink.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Inspiration: Newspaper Strip Artists

StripFiction is the name I have given to a line of cartoon strips I will be developing over the next few years, hopefully. I grew up on a steady diet of black and white newspaper strips: Modesty Blaise, Gun Law, Garth, and James Bond. The strips showcased excellent illustrations and I used to cut out the strips and glue them together in a book. 

I was greatly influenced by the quality of artwork featured in those strips. The creative use of the limited space to tell stories; the economic, yet powerful use of lines and shades to present interesting and varying compositions; and the attention to detail that is so lacking in today’s strips- had a profound impact on my illustration style.

Frank Bellamy’s lush illustrative style on Garth (in The Daily Times) and his use of chiaros curo 

Jim Holdaway’s use of solid black spaces and portraiture on Modesty Blaise (in the now defunct New Nigeria Newspaper)

Yaroslav Horak’s technical and stylised drawings on James Bond (in Saturday Punch)

All these were a delicious serving that titillated my creative palette. The strips were licensed by Nigerian newspapers from their British counterparts. Sadly, this collaboration stopped and I only had my memories to fall back on (over the years, I had misplaced my cutout collection). In time, my attention was almost exclusively on the Marvel-DC superhero comics. But I never forgot my roots. Over the years, I have done a lot of work in the conventional comic book medium. I currently work at The Comics Hut, a Nigerian comics publishing company. But lately, I have been feeling a creative hunger to express myself in this pre-comic book medium: the strip cartoon. Hence the reason I have created StripFiction. 

I hope to start with short stories and gradually move on to longer tales. I plan to work in black and white or greyscale. Though I do not have an outlet yet, I will canvas for a spot in any willing periodical as soon as I have enough material to start with. This blog will feature behind-the-scene matters like character sketches, story inspirations, scripts and artworks. I look forward to your comments and hope you find a reason to check on this blog every month.